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Meet Carol

I’m a mother, grandmother, great-grandmother and soon to be great-great grandmother.  This is my accomplishment that brings me the most pride.  I had five children, two daughter and three sons.  However, the second daughter passed away when she was five days old.

I am a retired elementary school teacher and after retiring I started a writing career.  I have 3 published books.  Two were children’s books and the other was for young adults and adults.  I also write two columns for a small town weekly newspaper in Indiana.  If you are interested in checking out my books I have a website, www.carolbender.com.

I was born in northern Indiana but when I was six weeks old my family moved to Louisville, Kentucky, where I lived for five years.  I then moved to Dayton, Ohio, where I lived until I was ten years old.  At that time I returned  to northern Indiana.  I lived there for two years and then went to Miami, Florida for two years, until I returned to northern Indiana, where I resided until my husband’s passing in 2011.  I then moved to Alabama to be close to my youngest son, Dr. Tom Bender.  I have now started a new job working alongside him in his office.  I love living here in Alabama and enjoy working with Tom and meeting new people.